Venus De Miles: a ride for women, by women with a party afterwards that tops most wedding receptions.

Venus de Miles riders represent different cycling abilities, age groups, and home cities. But they all have one thing in common – an indescribable collective experience that thousands of women have become fiercely passionate about. This year, the ride, the festival, the sisterhood, and the inspiration will be back and bigger than ever.

Venus de Miles Colorado is a non-competitive road-bike ride for women that supports
Greenhouse Scholars - a Whole Person© scholarship and mentorship program for high-performing, under-resourced college students. The program offers intellectual, academic, professional, and financial support to students to cultivate the next generation of community leaders.

In 2012, 1,300 women participated in the award winning Venus de Miles bike ride. Equipped with bikes and friends, the women toured Boulder County, sampling organic food, hula hooping at rest stops, and taking advantage of complimentary spa services. The women say it best: “My friends and I have already got it on the calendar for next year.”

Venus de Miles Colorado at a Glance
Date: September 29, 2013
Location: Prospect Park, Longmont
Courses: 33, 67 and 100 mile options
Cost to Ride: $89 if you register by September 1 plus $75 in fundraising

What Venus Riders are Saying
“I was blown away by the support on the road. One of the people I was riding with dropped a chain and a "man in drag" rode up right behind her as she jumped off and said "oh, let me do that, don’t get your hands greasy. You're my first one of the day" 10 seconds later we were off again. There was even someone around with extra wheels! The food at the stops was AWSOME as well. Truffles? Hazelnut Spread? I'm so spoiled now.”

“The spirit of the ride! I really enjoyed being a part of women doing something positive for college students in need having come from a similar background myself. We also got to meet one of the Greenhouse Scholars who seemed like a bright kid with a great future ahead -- wonderful! I loved the training plans from the Dream Team and the sports psychologist. What a nice resource for us!”

“The is one of the most well organized, inspirational events and I will continue to ride it every year and continue to get even more friends to join me...keep up the quality and greatness of this event!”

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