Venus de Miles: A Chance to Do Good.

Author: Cheri Felix

Last week it was women and racing. This week we are going in an entirely different direction; the Venus de Miles ride. No racing needed, no fear, no sweat. O.K. so maybe you’ll sweat.

The Venus de Miles is a fundraiser for Greenhouse Scholars and this next part is what will get you to sign up. You know how many of us went to college with a whole lot of support (financial, familial, etc)? Well there are some amazing young people who want to go to college but need more support. They come from under resourced and underfunded backgrounds. The median household income of the scholar’s families is $29,492.00. Greenhouse Scholars provides mentoring, scholarships, internships, peer support and professional networking.

This is what you do. Sign up and then fundraise (because that is a component for all riders). Choose your riding distance; 100, 67, or 33. Next step, get your friends to do it. Last year was the first time I rode a road bike (unless you count my ten speed in high school). I rode the 51 mile route (cause that was an option last year) and I am still talking about it. “Yah, there was this time when I was riding in the Venus de Miles and the rest stop had the best snacks” and “When I did the Venus de Miles I rode so fast.” And my personal favorite “When I rode 51 miles I felt like I was the coolest thing since meatloaf.” And that’s the truth, I felt so cool.

The Venus de Miles is an amazing event. The après part of the day (the part where we eat, drink and be merry) was amazingly well stocked with beer, wine, food trucks and massage. It’s the most fun you’ll have on a bike with lots of other women. And after the food has digested and the beer has washed the sore sitz bones away you’ll rest well knowing one thing. You did good. You helped a young person with tons of potential go to college and that my friend is worth the price of admission.

Venus de Miles Sunday, September 29, 2013
All rides begin at Prospect Park, Prospect New Town, 700 Tenacity Drive Longmont, CO 80504

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