Velolet - The Bike Rental Hub Is Making Its Way to Colorado, a unique bike rental service launched this year, allows bike owners, including both individuals and bike shops, to list their bikes and earn income by renting to other cyclists. Creator Dan Cleary came to 303Cycling to announce that will be making its way to Colorado soon.

The goal of the website is to make it easy for traveling cyclists to rent quality bikes. If you've traveled with your bike recently, you know the pain. The options are either pay the extra $175-200 to bring it along or pay less to ship through other services and be without a bike for a week before and after the trip. “If you travel, you know what the bike rental situation looks like a lot of times -pretty bleak. You can't get to the top of any mountains in Colorado on a beach cruiser,” Cleary said. "Well, I guess you can…but why try when there are sweet mountain bikes and road bikes that are available." The site also allows locals to rent bikes that they may otherwise be unavailable for demo.

Velolet helps cyclists rent bikes by connecting them with other cyclists who have bikes to rent. Through the process, the cyclist has a better selection of bikes and the bike shop/individual listing the bike earns money with insurance protection and minimal paperwork. Velolet only takes a small fee from the renter transaction, but only to keep the bike hub rolling smoothly!
How it works

  • It’s FREE to list bikes. There’s no cost to list demos and rental inventory and your stable of bikes in the basement;
  • Velolet manages the entire bike rental process online (bike search, reservation, waiver releases, and credit card payment processing) which cuts down on administration time and hassle at stores and for individuals that don't have a system like this in place;
  • Everyone is insured! Velolet provides $1 million of liability coverage per reservation. A small fee is deducted only during the rental transaction. There are no upfront insurance premiums to pay for the renter. Therefore, that means if there are no rentals, there is no fixed insurance cost to you or your shop;
  • Bike owners (bike shops and individuals) list bikes on and earn rental income;
  • Bike owners set their own rates and availability;
  • For traveling cyclists, it’s the centralized website to find bikes to rent (that you would "want" to ride). Traveling cyclists find you by a "quick zip code or city / address search" on the site. No need for them to call and interrupt store employees or people at work;
  • Check out for more information on how it works.

Velolet was founded in 2010 and launched in 2011, and they are on a good path towards some success. "We work hard, we test out our ideas, and then we put them out there. We take feedback seriously and respond by continually tweaking this service and making it better for all of us," says Dan. "Our goal is to become the #1 centralized global bike rental hub and the place where people go when they want to rent a bike."
If you are interested, head out to, sign up, and start earning income. Also, check out Velolet on Twitter (@Velolet) and Facebook ( If you have any specific questions in Colorado, please contact Ben Welnak at For other questions, contact Velolet at

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