VeloCross's Course is coming together

Photo from Boulder Indoor Cycling

Since no one at VeloCross is replying to any emails don't take what is being said as truth... having said that it appears that the course for this Sunday's VeloCross is coming together and it appears to have a "fly-out" from the Velodrome. There has been a ton of Twitter chatter on the details of this course so if anyone has any additional information to the BCR season opener event then PLEASE comment.

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Don't everyone get their

Don't everyone get their panties in a wad yet,course being set up by cyclocrossers, Chuck Coyle...... Laps should be 4-5 minute, good variety, not too techie, not a jungle cross course. Good Start area, Good finish straight, few goat heads, good spectating..... Should be a good race! Enjoy, beginning of a long season

a BCR race?

I had previously heard that this year's BCR/BCT races would be expected to adhere more closely to whatever standards/regulations the ACA has for points races for cross. (BTW, I don't know what the specific guidelines are, but I assume they have to do with course length, terrain, barriers, etc.)

I'm quite curious to see what this course is like. Also curious whether the racers will welcome or oppose this as a BCR race. Something tells me that following Sunday's races, there will be many strong opinions on either side.

The ACA course

The ACA course standards/regulations for BCR races are online:

Until we see the course, it's likely they meet these standards-- nothing requiring dirt, grass, mud, etc. Those just make 'cross racing fun.

At the August ACA Board meeting, the consensus was that first year courses could still qualify for BCR status and that starting in 2010 no races prior to Brecktober CX will get BCR status.

BCR status

from talking with folks it sounds like the officials can pull the BCR/BCT status, especially if the riders do not think the course is up to par.

From what I've seen it looks like a 3-4min lap, about half of what it should be. The door and "ramp" there looks to be pretty shy of 3 meters wide. I would also hate to see someone take a digger off the side of that ramp into the rr tracks.

Looks to me like Sunday morning could be pretty tense.