Valmont's dream becomes reality this week

From the DailyCamera

The Valmont Bike Park won't be three years old until June, but hosting this week's event brings to fruition goals set by some members of the local cycling community long before the park opened to the public.
He said [Pete Weber] he and many others from various corners of the Boulder cycling universe worked to make the bike park a reality for 10 years before ground was even broken
Michael Eubank, Boulder's Valmont Bike Park project manager, echoed Webber's sentiments about the daily popularity and success that the young, $1.2 million facility has enjoyed, noting the city's bike culture is a major driver of that.

"There is niche that is not unique to the Valmont bike park but probably unique to Boulder itself where we have the capacity and cycling in our blood that really encourages us to utilize the park," he said.

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WTF is that supposed to mean?

WTF is that supposed to mean? Are you suggesting that the best courses in the States aren't as good as even the worst courses in Europe? Nonsense. I guess you didn't see the WC race in Rome over the weekend. That course was the equivalent to a parking lot crit for 'cross racing.

Besides, it's the racers that make the race, not the course.