Public meeting on Valmont Bike Park

Meeting tomorrow, November 6 on input on the current Valmont design. The current design can be seen in the image below (click to see a larger version).

I spoke to Peter Weber about the course and how they designed it at the Xlinex CX race a few weeks ago and it was clear that this from the discussion that this park will be very unique. Things that have to be considered are

  • Sustainability. Typical CX course, like the one last weekend in the Boulder Cup at Harlow Park, is one that takes place on grass and if the course was used week after week (even if great weather) in a few months it will be trashed... now add a few years it will look more the CU Short Track course. So they have to design a course that feels like a CX or MTB course but won't lose its character after a weekend of racing.
  • Cater to many disiplines and levels A park for BMX, CX, MTB for beginners to experts.
  • Parking This is one that I am concerned about, if you were to host an event like the Boulder Cup then where will everyone park (even if all Boulderrites rode to the race there will still be a huge void of parking).

Rocky Mounts HQ
2055 26th St
Boulder, CO 80302

Thursday, November 6th at 6PM

More Information
Valmont Bike Park Website

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