Valmont Bike Park Update from the BMA

Thanks to the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance for making this recent update on Valmont Bike Park

Last week's snow made for some good photos ops, but caused some challenges for the construction crews. They moved inside and worked on the restroom building (yes, no porta johns!!!) while the snow melted. The windy and warm weather this week dried the site off, and let the crews get back to work on the bike features. Many of the elements of the construction are weather dependent, and we are hoping for an early spring to put the finishing touches on park construction. The photo below is one of the jumps installed on concrete footers....

Many of the jumps on site are made from formed, welded steel and will be surfaced with treated (anti-slip) 2 x 6's. Judd Devall from Alpine Bike Parks, has painstakingly excavted and poured the foundations for these jumps harmoniously with the landings. There are many more to install, including the wall rides. Why not dirt? Dirt lips wear out and require as much attention as a putting green. These steel and wood lips will flow perfect now and in 10 years, shovel and rake free. Many of the park elements have such planning and thought, which is why the construction phase is not complete. The Parks and Recreation Department is truely creating a new model for bike parks, and it takes time. The decking will not be installed until a few days before opening to minimize the urge to poach.


The City of Boulder Parks Department is working to select an opening date, but many elements of the construction phase are weather dependent. If the site is wet, the earth movers and trucks dig deep ruts into the site and cause more harm than good. The contractors and the Parks Department want this to open more then we do, and is pushing an already aggressive schedule.

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