"Boulder cyclists ride against coal"

"Boulder cyclists ride against coal" That is the headline for a story in the Daily Camera today about how what appears to be 100's of coal fighting citizens got together in downtown Boulder as part of a 350.org campaign to protest against the Valmont coal plant and then road down to the Valmon coal plant. As a person I too support limiting our usage of coal for energy and also as a car driver and as a computer geek and as a dad and etc. Point is why did the Daily Camera have to use the word Cyclist cyclist in their title? These were people who happen to be on bikes. Why does this matter? Later in the article you see

"No injuries or arrests occurred during the bike ride, but Boulder police Sgt. David Kicera said the bikers "violated a lot of traffic laws and obstructed traffic for quite a while."

To make a generalization now, the reader will think... "Those damn crazy hippie cyclist".

As cycling becomes more and more popular in this area is important to consider the bike as a tool of transportation, recreation or exercise and not just a symbol of a political movement... If not be fair and use transportation tool of car driver in other stories like..

"Car drivers show up early at the voting polls today" or "Car Drivers enjoyed CU's victory over KU today"

Similar protest happen in Boulder accept this one was target to get out of the War
Anti War critical Mass

What are your thoughts

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Ya and...

You could also say...

Car Drivers snarl traffic after CU football game.

They don't because that is "OK" but when protestors ride and maybe not in a critical mass, they still have to mention how the "cyclist" caused traffic problems. Think of how many times other events slow traffic... tons!