Valmont Bike Park to open Saturday, June 11

State-of-the-art Valmont Bike Park to open Saturday, June 11

Construction on Valmont Bike Park is entering its final months and the City of Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Department plans to open the newly-developed park with a grand opening ceremony on Saturday, June 11. Details and plans for the grand opening event will be released in May.

Developed with the support and partnership of the local cycling community, Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA) and other organizations such as the PLAY Boulder Parks Foundation and Great Outdoors Colorado, the 40-acre Valmont Bike Park will feature off-road cycling amenities for multiple riding styles and skill levels. Included in the park are features for a competition cyclo-cross course, pump track, dual slalom and slopestyle riding. The park also includes training and skill building trails, a toddler playground, an event plaza, restrooms and parking.
According to the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), a leading cycling organization, Valmont Bike Park will raise the bar for public bike parks. “Cyclists from around the nation will be totally floored by what they see,” said IMBA Executive Director Mike Van Abel. “Based on its many options for riding natural-surface trails, the diversity of both technical and non-technical features and the outstanding quality of the build, Valmont will be among the top venues in the country for this style of biking when it opens.”

The Parks and Recreation Department is delighted to be able to provide this environment for cycling enthusiasts. “We are very excited to announce the opening of this flagship park on June 11,” said Kirk W. Kincannon, director of the City of Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Department. “We invested in a collaborative partnership with BMA and the off-road cycling community to design and build this portion of Valmont City Park. As a result, we’ve built a park worthy of our internationally-recognized athletic community—one that will be a daily asset to kids, families, local riders and businesses and also attract events and riders from all over the country and the world.”

To date, BMA and the cycling community have helped the city raise nearly $500,000 in alternative funding from donations, sponsorships and grants. More than $100,000 was from individual and small business donations. Two grants totaling $245,000 have been received from the State of Colorado’s “Great Outdoors Colorado” program. The remainder was from other grants, foundations and sponsorships.

The Parks and Recreation Department is hoping to raise an additional $250,000 in sponsorships and funding over the next 18 months to help with ongoing maintenance, educational programming and other needs. Businesses and individuals interested in sponsorship opportunities or serving as park volunteers are encouraged to contact Mike Eubank at 303-413-7226 or

For the latest Valmont Bike Park news and construction progress, please visit the park’s new website at:

Please note: The bike park is closed to all unauthorized and non-construction personnel until opening day. The site is still under construction and control of the general contractor. Unauthorized entry is subject to prosecution and may result in personal injury, damage to park features and/or potentially delay opening.

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