Valmont Clean up day May 9th

The soon-to-be Valmont Bike Park is gearing up for construction by having a Park Clean up day May 9th. The job is pretty simple and you will have the opportunity to meet many like minded cyclist while doing it. Register today for this event, they need 60 volunteers so don't wait!

Here is what they are needing done in their own words..

Time to begin site prep for the Valmont Bike Park! We hope to begin construction over the summer, but first work needs to be done this spring. We will meet at the site at 2pm, Saturday May 9th, to get the ball rolling on construction. The site has been neglected for years - there are downed fences, windblown debris, and invasive weeds that need to be removed. We are partnering with BMA for this Valmont Bike Park work day, but we also need your help. BMA work days are rewarding and a good chance to meet other like minded members of the community, so pitch in, it is cool to help out.

We scheduled the clean up so you could ride in the morning, and help out in the afternoon. After breaking into groups of ten, we will learn about the park while prepping the site for construction. This is your first opportunity to see the plans on site, ask questions and help out. We will provide the materials, just bring work gloves.

From the BMA site