USPro Cycling Challenge comes to Boulder in 2012

2012 USPro Cycling Challenge Schedule

Monday, Aug. 20 - Durango to Telluride
Tuesday, Aug. 21 - Montrose to Crested Butte/Mt. Crested Butte
Wednesday, Aug. 22 - Gunnison to Aspen
Thursday, Aug. 23 - Aspen to Beaver Creek
Friday, Aug. 24 - Breckenridge to Colorado Springs
Saturday, Aug. 25 - Golden to Boulder
Sunday, Aug. 26 - Denver (Individual Time Trial)

Where will you be watching stage 6?
- ride up coal creek for the start and then ride back
down and into Boulder for the finish... by then the new
shoulders on Hwy 93 should be finished

- ride up one of the many western routes from Boulder
and watch the ascend out of Ned and then return for
the finish

Is it possible that the Boulder Rally for the US Pro Challenge made a difference. Or did the city bend and cough up some $$$. Maybe it was just the most obvious choice, either way, the US Pro Cycling Challenge is coming to Boulder 2012.

All I know at this moment is the start is in Lakewood or Golden, up coal creek -> Peak to Peak ->Lefthand Canyon ->Boulder!

The big question everyone will be asking, where in Boulder will it finish? In the heart of the city or something more spectacular like Flagstaff Amphitheater?

Keep returning to the Daily Camera for more details!

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Can't wait until Andy B from

Can't wait until Andy B from Colorado Springs posts how much this new route sucks, or how he would do a better job, or how the spectator # are inflated, or how Colorado Springs had lots of extra hotel rooms, or one of his 7 other concerns. Then he will show us his web site, that is not a bike a race or even an event, just a points completion based on races other hard working promoters do.

Route looks solid, but still lacking a decisive climb. A flat TT in Denver could be interesting. Finishing on Flagstaff sounds cool, but logistically it is nearly impossible, as the road is so narrow and it is the only real way in or out (yes I know there is a very crappy dirt road too, but that is not a real option). Finishing on top of Independence Pass, that could make for a show down (and make Levi happy). I hope Tejay comes backs and smokes the field in 2012.


Actually I think a finish on Flagstaff would be awesome. Compared to the roads in Europe it's actually quite wide. It's also common for riders to have to ride down from a summit finish because there isn't enough room at the top for all the team vehicles.

So what?

If he does not use his name, last time I checked it was not a requirement to post on this site! Many do not buy into that theory that posting your name gives more credibility. If you believe that it does, by all means post your name. There were/are reason to criticize his post, not signing his name was not one.

Yeah Andy likes to pump up

Yeah Andy likes to pump up his ToC stuff but last I checked he's promoted as many races in Colorado as probably anyone, worked at the Fed as the Tech Director and officiated a fair amount to boot--I think he's earned the right for us to cut him some slack. Heck he's been active in the cycling community for something like 30+ years. Calling out a guy like Andy shows the rest of us how much class you really have--bravo.

Lets see, everything I said

Lets see, everything I said about Andy are from his own comments on here. Every time there is something about the USA Pro Challenge, or what ever the name is now, he has some negative comment. Feel free to go back and read his posts, I referenced the things he has said, I did not make it up. I just got the jump on him, before he could throw out some other negative post. I do not feel bad about that.

I am not saying he is a bad guy and I am aware he has been around for ever. I just think he comes across as a bitter dude about this race, the fact other people actually made it happen, and are being successful. You are dead right, Andy has a lot to be proud of and has done a lot for CO. That is why I wish the guy would dwell on that, stand on all he has done, verses grind an ax on the TOC issue.

I love the race, can't wait

I love the race, can't wait to see it, but it is going to be a nightmare for Boulder. Didn't anyone realize that is the same weekend all the new students move back into Boulder? The hotels would have been filled anyway. Good thing I'm a biker 'cuz there ain't no way you'll be driving anywhere in the city that day...