What you need to know for Stage 6

Saturday is going to be extremely fun and bike centric, but to keep your fun level up and frustration level down watch the video below explaining some of the "need to knows" like parking (but who will be driving). 303Cycling will be in downtown Boulder (15th and Pearl) announcing next to a giant JumboTran as we interview the Mayor and talk to Michael Aisner while he is out on course. We will also be at the CandyShop on 15th street. As mentioned in the video USAPro Boulder has created an interactive website yet at the time of posting this map does not seem to be operating correctly. Also know, to get onto Flagstaff you will need a wristband, learn how you can get a Flagstaff wristband and for those not going to Flagstaff, here are time estimates of when they will be where on stage 6. While this should not need be stated, be mindful of the racers on course, this is not the Basque region, you do not need think you are living like a euro. We can rise above this.

Inside Boulder News - USA Pro Cycling Challenge: Interactive Map from Boulder, Colorado on Vimeo.

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I would just like to say the

I would just like to say the video feed for the entire race was beyond pathetic. It really put a damper on the entire race, especially trying to watch it downtown yesterday with a lot people.

How can so much planning go into an event and then completely drop the ball with the video feed?

Last year too..

Last year it was the same way - absolutely pathetic. A year later, absolutely pathetic again. I cut them some slack on day one w/ the race being in telluride and places extremely remote. But come on, Breck, Vail, Golden, Boulder, even the TT in downtown Denver was a joke! It was like a secondary thought and unfortunately for them I'm sure hundreds of thousands more people watched it on TV than in person and I'm sure they lost a ton of potential viewers. I think I almost had 3-4 seizures trying to watch it! Seriously, WTF??