US Gran Prix of Cyclocross Coming to Fort Collins

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Looks like Fort Collins will be the host of some high level cyclocross this fall. From the rumor mill and doing a little bit of searching I found this on Ryan Trebon twitter

Heard a rumor that the USGP this year is moving the venue from NJ to Fort Collins, Now I won't get the chance to get heckled there again

This is verified on the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross web site:

The 2010 US Gran Prix of Cyclocross is a four weekend, eight race series comprised of the Planet Bike Cup - Madison, WI on September 25th and 26th, The Derby City Cup - Louisville, KY on October 23rd and 24th; The Fort Collins Cup - Fort Collins, CO on November 13th and 14h ; and The Stanley Portland Cup - Portland, OR on December 4th and 5th. Each of these race weekends will see the deepest, strongest, and fastest cyclocross fields in a series format on this side of the Atlantic.

Any ideas of where the race is going to be held? I know Fort Collins is on the books for have an ACA cyclocross race this fall also. I cant wait!

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Local Races

This is a really good question. That weekend in November there are 2 local cyclocross races one being the third race in the Boulder Racing series. I wonder if Brian from Boulder Racing knows that there will be a USGP race in Fort Collins that weekend. Hopefully someone has contacted the ACA about this.

Why would you think somebody

Why would you think somebody should contact the ACA? Sure it's a nice thing to do but from what I see the ACA and USA Cycling or more amicable now but I don't think there's a lot of sharing of scheduling from either side (I could be wrong but that's my impression). BTW I'm pretty sure the ACA has known about this for at least a week or so but what can they do? Isn't there an ACA race on every weekend day in November--I suppose they could notify the conflicting local race promoter but what can Brian do other than look for another date of which there are none.

At the end of the day this is unfortunately what happens when you have competing sanctioning bodies and promoters unwilling/unable to work together--very similar to the situation with the MTB calendar (3 races just this weekend as an example).