USA Cycling's response to ACA Relationship


From Steve Johnson
President and Chief Executive Officer
August 22, 2011

To my fellow cyclists in the great state of Colorado! 

As many of you know, I have been actively involved in competitive cycling for more than 30 years.  During this time, I 
have met many wonderful people, made many friends and accumulated countless memories that will endure for the
remainder of my life.  Like most of you, I spent much of this time in the sport just worrying about my own racing 
experiences, never giving the process of managing the sport a second thought.  My how times have changed!  

Today we find ourselves embroiled in a discussion of the relative merits of USA Cycling versusthe ACA as 
a preamble to some sort of “vote” by the clubs to determine whether or not Colorado racing should join USA
 Cycling and the national family of 33 other local bike racing associations, or remain an autonomous organization 
without any affiliation to the national or international sport structure.  Based on discussions I have had with
 many of you, I suspect a large number of Colorado racers really don’t care much one way or the other, while
 an even larger number can’t figure out what all the brouhaha is about.  However, for those of you who find 
yourselves wondering how we got to this point and are actually concerned about the future of Colorado bike 
racing, I would like to take a few minutes of your time to discuss this important and timely issue. 

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This is in response to the ACA Position Statement on USA Cycling Relationship



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This is exactly correct. And, to be more specific, they'll have an easier time of it because their focus would be strictly on building grassroots racing and development programs, not on all the governance issues of trying to be a sanctioning body as well.

to whoever keeps posting the Sand Creek Sports links, fair enough. Not that 2 wrongs make a right, either, but honestly our memories are pretty short, and ACA didn't have the best track record ever on fiscal transparency prior to the board basically being forced to disclose when Beth W.E. stepped down. The prior ACA government was a happy little exercise in nepotism / protectionism for the Estes, frankly. But no one ever seems to bring that up.

Comparing apples to apples

Imagine what ACA could do with the increased revenue if they charged the same as USAC for a license. Then which would be the better organization? I also agree with the comment about the lack of addressing the masters, which seems to be the biggest growing group of racers in Colorado. I also agree about the lame 'benefits' that the USAC guy is crowing about. Keep ACA independent!

increased revenue?

So you think increased revenue would allow ACA to do even more? How much more increased revenue do they need? For crying out loud, they have almost a half a mil in cash reserves... if they can't do more than they're doing now with what they have, adding a little more money to the bank account isn't going to change a thing.


Say the ACA decides to fold back into the "new" USAC, and new turns out not to be better. So three years down the road, the ACA splits off like it did in the late '90s. What will have been lost in giving it a shot? Obviously some brain damage and administrative headache, but the rod map's already in place - what else? I ask that seriously, because I don't know, and it seems important. If do it without being screwed, I'd be inclined to give it a shot. If as a practical matter it would be an irreversible decision, leave well enough alone.

For 80% of the racers,

For 80% of the racers, beyond paying a bit more for an annual, there would be little to no change. There would be a different name on your license. I bet you'd see more crossover from collegiate racers, and juniors would have instant access to programs like LAJORS and easier opportunities to race nationally if they're talented. BAR/BAT would continue on as it's shown its value to the local promoters - even if ACA as it currently exist goes away, BAR/BAT or something very similar will take its place. The same races would go on, just with a different set of logos on the flyer.

So there are pros and cons, but to the average bike racer the transition would be seamless. There will be the usual grumbling from some of the old guard who don't ever want things to change, but I've done both and it's no more difficult promoting a race under USAC than ACA. Plus USAC members get pretty good deals on power meters, insurance, and free bike vouchers if you want to fly your bike on United :D

USAC License Prices...

$60 is just for the primary license. If you race multiple disciplines add on some extra $...

PRIMARY ADULT racing license (19 years or older on 12/31/11): $60 $ ________________
ADD-ON ADULT racing license (19 years or older on 12/31/11): $30 $ ________________
? Road/Track/Cyclocross ? Mountain Biking/Cyclocross (choose one)

COLLEGIATE racing license (collegiate only races): $30 $ _______________
Add-on collegiate license to an EXISTING Primary license (processing fee): $15

So a Collegiate racer that wants to race some USAC road, USAC Cat. 1 MTB and Collegiate races would have to pay $60 (Primary-road) + $30(Secondary-MTB) + $15(add-on Collegiate) = $105. That can't be right...

How long till Cyclocross is a $30 add-on license?
Licenses expire 12/31, so don't forget to renew before heading to Madison in January.

The USAC license is no good for UCI races like Boulder Cup. So add on some more for that...

you do know that a

you do know that a COLLEGIATE racer would have to pay that ANYWAY to do what you're talking about.

There is no collegiate racing program in ACA.

ACA does not put on mountain bike races.

I'm not sure what your point is.

Dude, I think you are a

Dude, I think you are a little behind the times. The United bike voucher program was discontinued quite a while ago There really are no useful perks for USAC members. Just look at their "Member Benefits" page. 10% off some things you don't need or want, and could probably find online for cheaper if you did. Show me where USAC members get "good deals" on power meters. I don't see that deal published anywhere on the shiny, new USAC site.