2013 Fort Follies Grand Prix.


Saturday, August 24, 2013


Nice statement.

Nice statement.

If 50 M p12 show for $2500 that is good and $50 per rider.

If 20 W p12 show then they should be racing for $1000.

Every class subsidizes their race.

If 40 Masters show then maybe they can get some cash too. More than awards 3 deep. SSSR has about $15 per rider but $15 lower entry.

That $500 dollar statement

That $500 dollar statement has got to be facetious.

Payout is certainly linked to performance.

But.......... a good 23 yo Cat 2 could being in a bunch of cash.

10th = $100
Best U-25 = $200
Best Cat 2 = $100
Prime = $100
Total = $500

How about the Crowd Gamblers Prime, might be $1000.

I bet there is a prime every other lap.


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