Coffee Talk Tuesday - Where in Boulder will stage 6 finish?

Tonight is the big night in Boulder were cyclists find out where the finish line for the Boulder finish stage will be. Many have hoped for a Flagstaff finish while some residents say no to Flagstaff citing access issues. If not Flagstaff then where? sprint finish down broadway?

Where in Boulder do you think the stage will finish?

More information on tonight's USA Pro Challenge Announcement

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What Flagstaff can't handle a few days of chaos?

What, Flagstaff residents can't handle a few days of chaos on their road yet they have no problem at having their road closed for half of the day every July 4th? Yes, it may be the only paved road but not the only road and if this is a problem then maybe they should start thinking about creating a new paved alternative route out of the mess they live in

I would be shocked if they

I would be shocked if they were to choose to finish up Flagstaff.

It's a finish for fans and as such, would be an epic thing to witness. But, my bet is that all other considerations--sponsors & NIMBY politics mainly--force the finish in a different direction. Thus a Broadway sprint seems likely.


I have a hard time believing they'll allow 1000's of race fans on the narrow road up Flagstaff, particularly with open space all around. I'd love to see it, but the place would get pummeled. Plus I'd want to camp up there. Fat chance. How about NCAR? Th. view from the top would allow you to see the race coming all the way from the base. The SoBo location would drag the whole caravan completely through town giving the city max exposure. The pullouts are big too!


I'm thinking it will, at the very least, come off the Peak to Peak down 7, thru Lyons, then back to Boulder with a Flagstaff finish. Maybe even go UP Left Hand with some Lee Hill thrown in. That'd be cool.