USA Cycling says they will crack down on Pro Mountain Bikers racing in unsanctioned races

From the Denver Post

The long-standing International Cycling Union — or UCI — rule that forbids licensed pros from racing in non-sanctioned races has never really been enforced in mountain biking, allowing hardly flush knobby-tire racers the chance to earn welcome paychecks at races such as Vail's Mountain Games and other local races.

"Those prize purses can be the difference for some people to have the travel funds to get to the next race," said Fort Collins mountain biker Georgia Gould, who won Olympic bronze last summer, a mere month after winning her fourth Mountain Games cross country title.

This fall she got a letter from USA Cycling fining her for racing at the Mountain Games and warning against competing in nonsanctioned races.

Also recent, Barry Wicks is calling USA Cycling's Bluff,

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