USA Pro Cycling Challenge Stage 6 Finish Announcement

Stage 6 Finish will be at Flagstaff Amphitheater

Stage 6 Route
Route Start in Golden
- From Golden it goes to Boulder (assumption is Hwy 93)
- Race will travel through Boulder and there will be sprint points in downtown Boulder
- Up Boulder Canyon to Nederland
- North on Peak to Peak Hwy
- Drop down the South St Vrain into Lyons
- South on Hwy 36
- Up Lefthand road
- Up Lee hill road
- Back into Boulder
- Sprint points in uni hill
- Up Flagstaff and finish at the Amphitheater

Learn more about Flagstaff climb

Other Media
- Daily Camera
- VeloNews

Tom Danielson on Boulder's selection and his thoughts on Flagstaff finish

Flagstaff times?
- What do you think times will be from the stone bridge to the finish? A good cyclists with fresh legs can do it under 15 minutes. Under 14 minutes?

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Stop and think about the

Stop and think about the staging area and the logistics of the finishline for just two seconds.

Once you pass the amphitheatre, there's basically nothing but private property on both sides of Flag until you get to Walker. So not only would they not have any staging area up at the crest they'd also be seriously inconveniencing many more residents (even more so than they are now) by shutting off their access. Right now as the stage is marked, those folks at least have the option to exit via Gross Dam whenever they want during raceday. Out of the way, yes, but it beats being stuck in your house for several hours waiting for the traffic jam to clear.

USA Pro maybe a lot of things but one thing they don't do is ghetto. Putting the finish at the mailboxes is probably fine for a backyard E-class hillclimb event, but for a big UCI level event it gives you zero options for scaffolding, stands, tents, photographers, news crews, drug controls, motos, team busses, caravan, etcetera. Once you hit the crest, the only option for staging with the amount of space they'll need would be to put the finishline way down at Walker, which might even negate a mountaintop finish (in addition to the residents issues).

Keep in mind those riders aren't going to be simply parking their cars at Chautaqua and riding from the stone bridge to the amphitheatre, or noodling up Baseline then hitting the gas at the bridge like the freds and weekend warriors around here. They're going to be putting some serious hard hilly miles on their legs up to that point, and it's going to be game on from before they even hit town. Not to mention the official start of the climb will likely be placed at the Boulder Creek bridge, so they have to charge up all of Uni Hill, then Baseline before they even get on Flag. If you've ever done that entire route at full gas after a hard ride, then it considerably changes its personality. Some of the more challenging bits are before you even get on Flagstaff proper.

Any climb can be made tough by the pace and the calibre of the guys climbing it. I give you the field-shattering that was done on Gothic Rd. and/or Swan Mountain as an example. Those are 2 climbs I've done many times and don't consider them "that hard", but when they're late in a 100-mile day and you're getting dragged along by the best pros in the world? yea, no, I think "just" going to the amphitheatre is good enough.

Another consideration for the

Another consideration for the finish is the race caravan. Last year in Steamboat we needed 300 Prking spots next to the finish for the media, VIPs,teams, officials,ect. The flag finish will be awesome, no matter if they summit or not. Supporting what they can do this year helps open doors to more aggro courses in future years.

You make a lot of really good

You make a lot of really good points.

I'm just passionate about cycling and the climb up Flagstaff for personal reasons . And would love to see them race all the way up.

Seems to me, either way the residents will be "stuck" won't they? It's history in the making... they should race the whole mountain. I'm just sayin.