USA Pro Cycling Challenge Stage 6 Finish Announcement

Stage 6 Finish will be at Flagstaff Amphitheater

Stage 6 Route
Route Start in Golden
- From Golden it goes to Boulder (assumption is Hwy 93)
- Race will travel through Boulder and there will be sprint points in downtown Boulder
- Up Boulder Canyon to Nederland
- North on Peak to Peak Hwy
- Drop down the South St Vrain into Lyons
- South on Hwy 36
- Up Lefthand road
- Up Lee hill road
- Back into Boulder
- Sprint points in uni hill
- Up Flagstaff and finish at the Amphitheater

Learn more about Flagstaff climb

Other Media
- Daily Camera
- VeloNews

Tom Danielson on Boulder's selection and his thoughts on Flagstaff finish

Flagstaff times?
- What do you think times will be from the stone bridge to the finish? A good cyclists with fresh legs can do it under 15 minutes. Under 14 minutes?

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Sissy Flag

My buddy calls finishing at the Flagpole "Sissy Flag". Logistically, I understand a finish at the top would be tough. But wouldn't it be nice to see those guys suffer on the Wall like the rest of us?
Here's more about it: There is a vid of the descent of Super Flag. Beware, it's to the tunes of Justin Timberlake. Yes, I'm easily as sissy as the turnoff to the amphitheater.


This is a good question. Think about when there is a home CU football game. The capacity of the stadium is around 50K. I would imagine there would be more people watching the race than a CU football game.

Thanks goodness the race is spread throughout the city but it is going to be a ZOO.