Revenues maybe down but towns are ready to signup for 2012

According to the DenverPost, Colorado towns are ready to signup for 2012 of USA Pro Cycling Challenge despite that according to some the race did not provide the revenue impact they were wanting.


Who is telling the truth here? First off, the fans didn't show up to the race on zero budget but at the same time I doubt many got a hotel room for the night or dined in Aspen. Measuring success is a statistics game, if this race were run by the Tourism Board like the Tour of Missouri(a) was, then this would have no doubt been a HUGELY successful race as it got the attention of people from around the nation thinking about making a Colorado vacation but if you are only measuring success on a 2 day window and $$ are the only goal and hotel bookings or restaurants tabs are your primary view of success then ya, this could have been a flop.

Let you be the judge and try to be objective on our poll. Was the US Pro Cycling Challenge a success or failure for Colorado towns that hosted?

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All I can say is my family

All I can say is my family spent several hundred dollars in host cities and we had a blast. We are looking into condos in Crested Butte, and we will be heading back to Steamboat for mountain biking trips next summer. I had no idea Steamboat was such a fun and active town. In the past we have stuck to Winter Park for family trips and now I'm realizing Colorado has much more to offer.


I didn't drop much cash in any town because I slept in a tent and at friend's houses, but I'd never been to Steamboat or seen that part of the state. I now plan on returning to all of the host cities with my wife and kids because I want to share the sights I saw with them. When I do, I'll be renting/dining.

Financial Impact

Quite frankly, asking fans if an event was a success for host towns is really asking the wrong person - we're fans - we loved it, and we want to see it come back.

Pro cycling routes follow the money. That's all they do or can do. It's a really fun sport, and it's really bloated, so they go where the local Chamber of Commerce can pay the $$$ to put up the whole entourage.

Boulder was talked about during the whole Tour - it seems an obvious host - and the mere thought of a stage finishing up Flagstaff is enthralling - but isn't likely to happen, because OSMP would never allow it and the city won't cough up the dough.

I suggest you email the City Manager of each of this years host towns and ask them this same question! Get some real answers instead of worthless opinions (like this one ;-)


I could be wrong, but I believe the reason Boulder wasn't chose (or one reason) was because there was a shortage of hotel rooms. Apparently there is another convention going on, which chewed up a majority of the hotel space.