Will Tyler be welcomed back in Boulder?

Recently Tyler Hamilton announced his retirement from cycling after failing a doping test. His claim for the failed test is a herbal supplement he took to fight his depression which he as had since 2003. While his first doping charge came in a cloud of suspicion this one he 100% admits to for the sake to fight his depression.... but Tyler is not alone, the sport of cycling is full of cyclist fighting depression. Now that he is retired and owns a home in Boulder, will the Boulder cyclists accept him back or will he be the lying cheating cyclist some feel he is?

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Tyler is one of the nicest guys around. In a sport full of douche bags, this guy smiles at everyone he passes. Once, when I first started riding, he pulled off the road to ask if I needed help changing a flat! This guy is a classics winner! (There are cat 4 guys with more attitude than this). Anyway...I'm looking forward to seeing him around Boulder.

Tyler H - The Champ

1. I have seen enough of the devastating effects of depression to have learned that we best not pass any judgments on those who have to deal with this dreadful decease. For that matter who are we anyway to pass judgment on anybody.
2. I have also learned enough to know that the typical anti-depression drugs very often don’t work and indeed can cause many bad side effects.
3. I personally have started to distrust many pharmaceutical drugs and have witnessed the wonderful results of “alternative supplements”.
4. Imagine that you have a headache so severe that you are willing to do ANTHING to make it stop. That feeling appears to be akin to the feeling of depression.
5. On occasion I have had the pleasure and honor of meeting Tyler at the end of my rides at my favorite coffee shop in Berthoud. Yes, I fully agree with the previous posters that Tyler is indeed one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. His top cycling performances have never gone to his head.
6. I will feel honored if Tyler chooses to stay in Boulder. Besides his top results in the TDF, the TOI, the Olympics, the USA Pro-championships, etc. etc., we would then be the ONLY community in the world to have among our midst:
a. The FIRST (and so far ONLY) American winner of the grueling Liege-Bastogne-Liege classic.
b. The ONLY rider with a stage-win in the TDF with a BROKEN COLLARBONE.
7. Tyler, I hope that you will keep riding your bike if for no other reason then to “smell the flowers” and to meet up with your cycling friends and fans around Boulder.
8. I am already looking forward to seeing you again at the Berthoud “Coffee Bean”.

If people understand that he

If people understand that he has a health problem, which they should, he shouldn't have a problem. The problem is that us cyclists can be the the most myopic, holier tha thou, hypocritical group of donkeys - and that does not bode well for Tyler. I say help him heal and what better way to do it is in this beautiful area.