Fate of Stage 6 hinges on Council's meeting tonight!

UPDATE! Emergency ordinance passes, Stage 6 finish is safe again!

Supporters and haters showed up to last night's council chambers and in the end the council voted unanimously for the emergency ordinance (which many say was not even needed) to secure Stage 6 finish plans.

Full details of the night can be found on the Daily Camera

end update
Tonight is a big night for what could be the fate of Stage 6 finish. The city council will debate this on in their weekly meeting at 6pm. Supporters are encouraged to show up and probably show up early as space is limited in the council hearing room. Details on what is going down can be read at the Daily Camera but the real reason behind the technicalities seems a mystery, eco preservation, anti sporting events in open space, fear of the land being scared beyond reconstruction.

Hear what Mo Siegel, the founder of the Red Zinger which became the Coors Classic years later, has to say about the situation

Now that the Bolder Boulder has passed, it's time to get excited and focused on the upcoming USA Pro Cycling Challenge in Boulder. After the disappointment of the race skipping Boulder last year, we're lucky to host a critical stage of the 2012 Pro Challenge. World class bike racing has returned to Boulder, perfectly appropriate for the city considered by many as the founding home of North American bike racing.

Read the rest of what Mo had to say

And this from Barry Siff, Co-Chair, USA Pro Challenge Boulder LOC


Please plan to attend the City Council hearing on Tuesday, June 5, 2012, in support of the Flagstaff finish for the penultimate stage of the 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge. A small but very vocal and influential group of citizens have banded together to oppose the Flagstaff finish. We need to show Council that Boulder supports this Race, and that a Flagstaff finish is critical. This Race, with its Flagstaff finish, highlights Boulder and will be broadcast in over 160 countries and on national television. Flagstaff is the signature of the Boulder stage, and the camera shots of the mountaintop finish will rival those of the televised tours in Europe.

A Boulder stage helps to maintain the Boulder brand in the cycling and sports/fitness world, it shows the world the beauty of Boulder and its stewardship of Open Space, it promotes a healthy lifestyle and cycling, and it will provide the citizens of Boulder with a world-class event to watch in their hometown. Those opposed to the Flagstaff finish have expressed concerns about Open Space. The Race is on an asphalt road that is used daily by cars. Spectating, properly managed, will not harm Open Space. The Race organizers have worked with the Open Space Department to develop a cutting-edge management plan to protect and publicize Boulder's Open Space. Detractors also have focused on the fact that there will be a VIP/hospitality area -- however, that area is necessary to help pay for this event that is free to watch on 99.9% of the course. By having the race finish on Flagstaff, the Boulder stage will be the most talked-about stage of the Race, and it will bring significant short-term and long-term benefits to the City.

The Council meeting starts at 6 p.m. Be there early (preferably 5:30 pm or earlier) to get a free t-shirt with the Boulder stage logo (designed by our friends at Sterling Rice Group) to wear and show your support. There is no need to speak -- just having a large volume of cyclists at the hearing, wearing the t-shirt, will send a strong message. Please see the Boulder Stage Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/Boulder2012 Thank you! barry & andrew.

(and ... please feel free to share this!!!!)

Barry Siff
Co-Chair, USA Pro Challenge Boulder LOC

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We did it!

Great turnout, filled the main chamber with a sea of orange supporters T-shirts - check this pic from Twitter.

Had 23 speakers (I was 22), many spoke against it (they seemed to me just as I imagined they would be), but I think more spoke for it.

In the end, the only question was whether the council would allow the race permanently or not. The motion, which effectively allows the stage 6 finish at the Flagstaff summit and the amphitheater, was passed unanimously.