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Coffee Talk, Death of the Occasional Racer

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Racing takes dedication, training, practice, sometimes requires teamwork and acceptance from the field. For a racer to just "jump in" and race a few seems lazy or sandbaggy (if they are cat'ing down). But all that comes to an end this year as USAC will stop selling one day license to anyone who has held a license in the past.

Tuesday Coffee Talk - How are cyclists viewed by most in Merica?

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Does this match you?

Or maybe this?

Has cycling marketed itself out of mainstream Merica? Are either of the images above inviting to non-cyclists? Is our perceived imagine act as a repellent? Hear what Andy Clarke from LAB said about cycling's image at the recent Colorado Bicycle Summit.

Surviving the Winter as a Cyclist

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I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation lately. It’s a tough time of year for cyclists. Here in Colorado we’re stuck in the middle of a stupidly cold spell that’s kept most of us inside on the trainer for days in a row. My races seem so far off in the future, and getting on the trainer again feels equivalent to beating the crap out of my soul with a pillowcase full of soap (yes, that’s a Step Brothers reference).


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