Trips For Kids Denver (dot) org helps kids ride is a organization that helps disadvantaged kids get the chance to experience Colorado's great trails from a perspective of a mountain bike. Here is a snippet of their mission statement.

"Trips for Kids Denver (TFKD) is dedicated to giving disadvantaged, urban youth the opportunity to experience and learn about the natural beauty of Colorado from the seat of a mountain bike. We strive to give children the chance to see a different side of Colorado, to expand their understanding of what they can achieve, and to make personal connections with the natural world. We are an organization of cyclists, educators, and community leaders who believe we can make an unquestionable difference in the lives of children by opening their minds to new possibilities, and arming them with greater self-esteem."

They are always looking for volunteers to help with rides and in "some" cases, bike racers are good role models for these kids whom some are in need of good examples.

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Andrew Goodwillie
Trips for Kids Denver

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