Trips for Kids Hiring someone to launch Denver/Boulder Bicycle Re-Cyclery

Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder (TFKD/B) is seeking a motivated, innovative, critical thinker to chart a course for the launch of the first Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder Bicycle Re-Cyclery. The TFKD/B Bicycle Re-Cyclery is a community based, bicycle focused, social enterprise. Beginning in spring of 2013, TFKD/B will take its monthly bike shop sales and open its first full time bike shop that will sell low cost bicycles, parts, accessories, and apparel for children, youth and adults. The person in this position will be responsible for the launch and oversight of this comprehensive program. This person will work with the program manager on all elements of cross over between Earn a Bike and Ride programs.

Job Description:
The breadth of responsibility of this position encompasses retail, production, and recycling operations, as well as an ability to teach and connect with a diverse youth population. The overarching goal is to make the Bicycle Re-Cyclery as welcoming, productive, and youth & family friendly as possible. The successful candidate is an effective leader and manager, and possesses great enthusiasm for the multiple uses of the bicycle, and for the mission and programs of Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder

The Bicycle Re-Cyclery General Manager is part of a collaborative leadership team which includes Executive Director and Program Manager. The members of the team work to set and meet goals and targets respecting input from all. This position is responsible for time and quality standards for retail sales, repairs and bike production; evaluation and development of mechanic and retail sales persons (mostly youth and volunteers); and the measurement of retail sales, repairs and production performance. In order to manage these resources, the Bicycle Re-Cyclery General Manager will work closely with the leadership team to ensure successful operations.


Successful managerial experience
Ability to strategize, to implement, and clearly communicate a vision for Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder Bicycle Re-Cyclery
Significant professional retail experience (preferably Bike Shop experience) with a focus on delivering a high level of staff and customer satisfaction
Demonstrated ability to create a culture that values and respects diversity, inclusion, and teamwork
Strong managerial prowess and demonstrated leadership skills
An enthusiasm for our programs and an understanding of mission-based, nonprofit work and development of youth workforce development
Competent skills fixing/repairing and building bicycles
A commitment to sustainability – environmental, programmatic, and financial
Strong communication skills
Organized, analytical, high attention to detail, solid decision maker
Spanish speaking (a plus but not required)

Hours & Pay Scale:

This is a full-time permanent position with an annual salary of $35,000 – $40,000 depending on experience; generous PTO, and health benefits after 30 days.

To Apply:

To apply, send your resume, cover letter, answering the following questions (based on vision and strategies for Bicycle Re-Cyclery):

What particular skills, characteristics, traits and strengths do you bring to this opportunity?
How would you design and prioritize your time and that of TFKD/B leadership team to ensure a successful launch in spring 2013
Develop a small business plan to address the following points (not to exceed 6 pages):
Timeline for how you would navigate 3 months prior to launch, 3-months out, 6 months out, and first year.
Market Opportunity

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