Women's Wednesday - My Trek Lush 29er SL

I know you know me. I’m not the girl to discuss wheels and SLX versus XT or headsets or geometry. It’s not that I’m not interested but I’m no expert. And I do judge things by their cover or color in my case. Having said all of that I think I can offer some insights into the new 2013 Trek Lush 29er SL.

I rode a few bikes last year; Trek Slash, Trek Lush (carbon) and the Trek Superfly (29er). It was a little like dating but in the back of my mind I knew something new was coming to town; the Lush 29er which is Trek’s first run at a women’s specific full suspension 29er. It was worth the wait. Now, we could talk about head angles and the bottom bracket drop and the standover but that would be so unlike me wouldn’t it.

I love the color; satin raw tint. I bought a 17”—surprising since I figured me as more of a 15.5” type. But I felt like a giant on the 15.5. I considered the 2013 Lush (26”) but I figured I’ve been riding 26” wheels for 14 years. Change is good. Before I even took it home I went tubeless. I’m sure there are many advantages but one of my main reasons was to shave off a pound or so. And then I bought some Shimano pedals: XT PD-M785 MTB to be exact. They give me a bit more of a platform for when I need the stability but don’t want to be clipped in. And then we switched out the handlebar. The stock one was small—was afraid all the other kids would laugh at me. So I bumped it up from a 680mm to a 720mm and so far I like that too.

Another thing I’m supercalifragilisticexpialidocious excited about is my new Rockshox Reverb. The Lush 29er comes with stealth (internal to you and me) dropper post routing and so I added the Reverb. For a pretty penny you can get one too. And if you’re really lucky your best friend bike mechanic will put your remote button on the inside of your handlebars so that if you ever crash (and you know you will) it won’t take out your remote. I think once you start riding with a seat dropper post you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.
So, all in all I think this may turn out to be my favorite bike. But I said that about the pink Gary Fisher too. It’s like junior high when I would make signs like:

Cheri + Todd= True love forever or as long as they’re together.

I guess I’ve always known I’m a bit fickle. But for now I think the Lush 29er will fit me just fine. It feels good. It feels stable and supple enough for the uphill and strong enough for the downhill and the switchbacks. A lot like me and Todd back in middle school.

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Can you please tell me what

Can you please tell me what your height is as I am currently looking at the lush 29er. I have trialled the 15.5 inch but wondered if I wasn't a bit cramped currently riding a 15.5 inch but 26 Marin a different feel and different measurements. I am 5ft 5inches and quite taken with the lush but wondering if I shouldn't be on a 17inch.
Appreciate your comment thanks

My wife is 5' 5.5" (longish

My wife is 5' 5.5" (longish torso) and she also went with the 17". The 15.5" is quite compact and the super short top tube and wheelbase made its handling feel nervous for her. The difference in standover between the two is minimal so go with the one whose length suits you best.


Hello! This is Cheri (author). I am a solid 5'3". I felt cramped on the 15.5 so i bought the 17". But, on my maiden voyage I felt like I was on a big bike. But on the next few rides I was like Goldilocks and it felt "just right". The 29 inch wheels made it feel big but now it's like my favorite jeans. I hope that helps. I also had the owner measure me on the 15.5 and he confirmed that it was a tight fit.

Sizing debate....

I am 5'5'' and stuck on the 15.5 or 17... I have shorter legs but longer torso. Are you still happy with the 17? I worry it is too big as I would look normally towards the 15 but have read a few reviews where women are sizing up. Wondering if you are still thinking it is "just right"?


Dear JC,

I DO still love my 17". I will admit that the first day I thought, "Oh no." But every day since then (4+ months) I've LOVED it. I feel strongly that the 17" was the best choice for me. And remember I'm 5'3". It's been a great bike for technical (Fruita), for tight turns (Betasso), for the pump track at Valmont and even worked well on a long climb to Gold Hill. Having said that, everyone's body is different. I was very surprised that the 17" was for me but when I sat on the 15.5" in the store and had someone (who knows more than me) hold the bike I felt like a giant on the bike. And that never happens.
It's a big decision so be sure to have someone at the store who really knows their stuff look at you on the bike. But for me, the 17.5 fits like a glove and is more comfortable than my fav jeans. Hope that helps!