Cyclist Workgroup Meeting, Bikeways on Hwy36 and more

The long awaited workgroup meeting will be held tonight after being postponed due to the blizzard last week. This workgroup is a combination of motorist/residents from the Lefthand Canyon region and Boulder County cyclist. This workgroup has been in the news often here.

More Information on Workgroup presentation and here

Proposed Bikeway connecting South Boulder Trail to Coal Creek Trail

The DailyCamera posted a story today about a new U.S. 36 plan focuses on sustainable transportation. The core of the plan is how to handle the movement of bodies without the need for more cars on the road so bus lanes and bike paths are in the proposal.

"The latest version of the plan also would add climbing lanes up Davidson Mesa in both directions and include a parallel bikeway that would connect existing regional trails, such as joining the South Boulder Creek trail in Boulder with the Coal Creek Trail in Louisville. "
"Gerstle said the county is particularly glad to see that instead of just adding more general-use lanes, the plan puts an emphasis on sustainable transportation, emphasizing bus rapid transit, carpooling and biking."

Full Daily Camera Story

County to open Workshops on rethinking transportation issues

Tonight in Longmont and Wednesday in Boulder the County transportation officials will reach out to the people to get ideas on transportation solutions in the future. They are looking for input from people on should more bike infrastructure be created, try to get more to ride the bus, etc.

" Those are among the questions Boulder County’s transportation staff and planning commissioners are considering as they craft possible changes to the transportation goals, objectives and policies in the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan.

That update, once adopted, would serve as a new road map for Boulder County officials to consult when they make decisions about improving the county’s transportation and trails systems."

More on this story in the TimesCall

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