Time to think about training

Just a few days ago the ACA announced their 2010 Racing Calendar exposing the 217 racing days season with the first event kicking off on March 6th. Are you ready? While 217 days is a long time procrastination isn't going to get you across the line first, you need to start training today. But what does training mean to you? Have you ever had a training plan? Have you ever had a coach? Listen up if you answered no to either of those. First off, worst case you need a training plan, something that allows you to build up slowly and have peaks for certain races and focus on your weaknesses. If you can swing it I HIGHLY recommend getting a coach! "But coaches are only for pros" you say, wrong, coaches are for people who are passionate about their goals and that can be anyone from a cat 1 to a "Joe" who is building up to their first bike tour.

Colorado cycling coach, Ben Ollet, recently created a training program for the Beginner-Intermediate cyclist which is a good foundation to get your pre-season rolling along but a good training plan is customized for you. If you want to consider getting a coach consider contacting Ben Ollet or pick from a list of other Colorado Cycling Coaches

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