Training with Mari Holden

Me with Mari Holden

Support for women's cycling is bigger than ever, this June join others as they learn cycling from one of USA's best cyclist, Mari Holden at one of Davanti Cycling Camps. Mari was always my favorite in the peleton so I'm jealous that this is a women's only camp!

Here is what Mari has to say

Last year I was chatting about Women’s cycling and racing with Luisa Sullivan of Davanti Cycling. Our initial conversation grew into our desire to put together a cycling clinic specifically for women. Boulder was the perfect choice since this is where Davanti Cycling is located, and I also spent most of my career living in Colorado. I am really excited about our Women’s Introduction to racing clinic in Boulder. I got my first road bike when I was 12 years old, but I was so intimidated by the peloton and tactics, that it took me another ten years to actually start racing. Once I started there was no looking back. All the things that initially intimidated me are the ones that I miss now that I’m retired. Bike racing a fun and complex sport, and with some practice we can help you avoid some of the difficulties that I experienced when got involved in cycling.

We are going to practice different tactics, learn bike handling skills and just basically have fun. My goal is that you will not even realize how much you are learning, and at the end of the day you will be surprised at how much you have absorbed. This is a great brush up for more advanced riders, and a great intro for those just starting out. Come join us!

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