Some trails open but should be closed

Important notice from Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance

Oh my, this is a tough one. BCPOS commits themselves to keeping the trails open as much as possible, and closing them for extended periods is not something they are used to doing.

BMA stands behind BCPOS' efforts to keep our trails in good operating condition, and the recent closures of some of our favorite trails has been the right thing to do. It is heartening to note that we have had nothing but positive feedback from our alerts about trail closures.

This freeze/thaw cycle that our front country lands have been enduring creates a perfect storm of damage that could take years to recover from.

It is true that if we were riding on the trail this morning in this ice fog, the trails would be frozen and not be impacted at all by our passing. But if the fog lifts and temperatures jump 15 degrees, it only takes one or two bikes rolling down the trail to rip and gouge the tread.

Please, if you have to use the trails, ride THROUGH the mud, not around it. Better yet, BMA suggests that you go discover the network of hard surface trails throughout the County and Denver Metro area and give our singletrack a break.

Unfortunately, even Lake Pueblo State Park got snow and conditions are unlikely to be ridable there this weekend. Click here for conditions.

All front country trails in Boulder County are at risk of serious damage at this time. Ride when it's frozen or don't ride at all.

Please feel free to contact Michael Bauer at 303-818-0615 with any questions.

Again, thanks so much for your help in spreading the word.

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