Colorado Track Cup for 2013


We are incredibly pleased to launch the Colorado Track Cup in 2013, with a balanced calendar of events between the 7-11 Velodrome in Colorado Springs and the Boulder Valley Velodrome in Erie. Funding and support for this new program has come from the Colorado Velodrome Association, and with funding in place, we have contracted with Pat McDonough to serve as our Track Coordinator. Pat has a tremendous amount of track and cycling experience, including an Olympic medal. Zach Lee created a smashingly good logo, we have our awards, vests, and trophies in place, and we are building a comprehensive racing calendar and points competition for Colorado track racing.

Our most significant partner in this endeavor is the Colorado Springs Velodrome Association (the CSVA), which is based at the world-famous 7-11 Velodrome. This facility is part of the Olympic Training Center and was built to prepare American athletes for the 1984 Olympic Games. CSVA has been promoting track racing in the Springs for the last two decades, and hosts midweek racing, weekend racing, National Championships, UCI International events, season-long points competitions, and programs to help beginners understand all the great racing events on the track.

All fingers are crossed for the April completion of the Boulder Valley Velodrom in Erie. A HUGE thank you to everyone involved in that amazing project. 2013 track racing will start in May and go through August. Stay tuned for details on racing and training at the two venues - this is an exciting time for track racing in Colorado!

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