Where is our Tour of Colorado?

Where is our Tour of Colorado? Ya, we have a race called Tour of Colorado but this is more what I am talking about. I grew up in Missoura and I know the routes the Tour of Missouri is taking and some of those routes I won't take unless I had a police escort. I'm not going to bash Missoura to much but I wouldn't classify them as a "cycling friendly state", hence why I moved out 4 days after college graduation. But they have a kick ass major race that is heavily funded by the state and others. On the flip side of the coin Colorado does TONs to support cyclist largely in our road improvements, ie large paved shoulders... it would be very hard to find that in Missouri. I give credit to Missoura for being about to pull this off and maybe someday soon Colorado can join them in having a major pro tour race.


League of American Cyclist just released their cycling friendly states list and Colorado ranked 22 where as Missoura was 28th! I so don't believe those two rankings... Colorado should be much higher.

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