Tour de France 100 - Velo Press Review

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I'm a cycling book junkie, so much so that I can fill 2 large bookshelves with just cycling books. Many of the books have been given to my by friends and family since they know what I like and due to that I have a lot of books that are similar but tell the same story which is that of the Tour de France, in fact I have about 9 books like this. Then recently I was given the Tour de France 100 and while the books is similar it still is able to tell the same story again but in a different like. Maybe that tone is different because of the way pro cycling and the TDF is viewed by spectators. One section of the book is titled "The Dark Shadow 1991- 98" and highlighting pictures with "Doping Dane" as the show Bjarne Riis racing to victory. It gives an honest but not to heavy handed view of those years but with view words and much of this book caters to the eye candy of the race through out the years giving just enough background to set the tone for that section of time and then it's up to your eyes to read the rest of the book as the pictures tell the majority of the story.

Every cyclists needs a book like this and even if you already have 1 or 2 maybe still consider it because history is moving on and these pictures aren't the same ones repeated in previous books. Get one for you cycling friend, spouse or want to be spouse as a way to maybe hook up or just let the beauty of it sit on your coffee table this summer during and after the tour completes and people get excited for the return of the USA Pro Challenge

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