Supporting those with Diabetes for the Tour de Cure


A Tyrannosaurus Rex with those massively muscular quads, would probably make an amazing cyclist. Well, that is if he could find a top tube short enough for his arms to reach the bars. And it looks like he has.

Meet Coach Brian. Head of QuadZilla Coaching, and head of Team QuadZilla, headed to the Tour De Cure Ride on August 17th here in Colorado. Brian has been riding and racing for about 10 years. But before he found cycling his life was anything but healthy. In a lot of way it was just.... normal. After growing up with a very active Colorado lifestyle: running cross country, playing track and field, and joining the Marine Corps, he found himself 15 years later, 40 pound overweight. He smoked cigarettes. He drank. But most importantly he didn’t like the way he felt and the lifestyle he was teaching his kids. So he vowed to make a change.

Now a certified Level 2 USA Cycling Coach with a decade of experience, Brian is fascinated by the human body and what discipline (and lack thereof) can do to it. This is why he’s taking on diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes now affects 1 in 3 men in the US. A number Coach Brian says is “staggering,” especially when so much can be controlled or mitigated by simply exercising and learning how to eat properly. Coach Brian sees diabetes as something he can personally effect, which is why Team QuadZilla has such a lofty goal for this years Tour de Cure. They’re looking to raise over $20,000.

Now a team of about 50 riders with a range of cycling abilities, they’re spreading awareness, raising funds and recruiting new riders to fight diabetes any way they can. Why? It may sound cliche, but cycling has given Coach Brian his life back. He stated, “My kids don’t even remember the old me and they are just used to the lifestyle that our family has now.”

Which is why Team QuadZilla and Coach Brian are hoping to have about 400 people, behind-the-scenes, helping to fight diabetes come Tour de Cure day. “I wanted to do something that makes a difference for a lot of people and this a goal that does that.” said Brian. “I want to help people understand the disease and understand the ways to combat it.”

On August 17th, some of the riders will be doing their first group 25-mile ride ever, some will be tackling their umpteenth century, but whatever the goal, they will be united under a cause to make a tremendous impact on diabetes.

If you’d like to see about joining Team QuadZilla, they’re holding a weekly, 6pm Monday night group ride that’s growing to over 40 riders of various abilities. Follow this link for details:

You can also ride a Pre Tour de Cure Ride with them on July 20th:

This free, 25-mile ride is sponsored by Bike Source and will be leaving from their Highlands Ranch location. And bring the whole family, there will be bands, food vendors and great sponsors giving away gift cards to Bike Source, pre & post-ride nutrition and massages. Sign up here.

The team is throwing a silent auction on Thursday, July 25th from 6-8pm:

They’ll be auctioning off some great goodies including a 90-day custom coaching program from QuadZilla Coaching.

More details are here:

To join Team QuadZilla on the Tour de Cure, follow this link:

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