Top Cycling Stories of 2013 in Colorado

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Glass way more than half full

We had lots of great days. 13 stories were negative/tragic/weird... if more negative/tragic/weird stuff had happened, there'd have been more stories about it. 13 stories is barely more than one a month. 29 other days a month for good, but unsensational, stuff is pretty good.

Reason for delay in 40+ implementation

The club council voted overwhelmingly to research implementing this change for road 2015 and not to change this for 2014. Many of the clubs have already recruited teams based on the 35 year age group and thought that this change would create issues. As a side note, there are roughly one hundred BRAC clubs and votes are weighted by membership and by financial contribution (surcharges).

here's what I don't get...

here's what I don't get... this issue has been debated for a few years now, the survey seemed to support the change pretty strongly, my informal survey hasn't found a single person over the age of 40 who thinks 35+ is the right age for "masters", and everyone seems to agree that something HAS to be done to fix the scheduling issues that affect every single race day for every single racer. So, my question is, just how many clubs/teams would be affected by the change, versus the ones who are being affected by not changing? What are we waiting for?

You are waiting

for 2015, they are changing, you won, just not rushing it. I am of "True" Master racing age, glad for the year notice, I was recruited by a great team to compete in the 55+ against the Boulder powerhouse, look forward to another year with the same age groups. (NO, I did not just enter the 55+, much closer to 60) Oops, forgot, no one cares about the old group, well, look at our numbers sonny.