Flagstaff finish could be in jeopardy

Will this end up being one of Boulder's biggest embarrassments to date or is it just political dancing? Learn how some want to jeopardize stage 6's finish in Boulder by leaning on open space rules.

From Boulder Daily Camera

The Boulder City Council will hold a public hearing next month to address legal and logistical concerns surrounding plans to end the USA Pro Cycling Challenge's much-anticipated Boulder stage at the top of Flagstaff Mountain this summer.


The council sent a letter to race organizers last year in support of a Boulder stage and has received updates on the race plans, but it hasn't yet held a vote on either the race plans or any exemptions to city rules that may be necessary to allow the Flagstaff finish.

The public hearing will be part of the council's June 5 meeting, which starts at 6 p.m.

Are you starting to lose support for open space management?

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embarrassing for sure. This is the boulder the rest of the country doesn't know. Its down right sad. Hopefully we stay on track and the NIMBY people don't get their way...again. Although they have an awful lot of pull in these parts. Good luck to everyone fighting for this!