Olympic Mountain Biker, Todd Wells, Takes Altitude Training to New Heights

The Denver Post recently featured a fascinating article about Olympic mountain biker Todd Wells of Durango, including some of his interesting training techniques.

If Olympic mountain biker Todd Wells had his way, he would train even higher than Durango is. Unfortunately for him, the trails are really lousy around Mount Everest.

For the last three years, Wells has been training as high as his connections and altitude tent will allow. He will sleep at a friend's condo near Durango Mountain Resort at 8,600 feet. He will crash in Silverton, altitude 9,305 feet. His altitude tent can crank it up to 11,000 feet. The results have been great — except for one drawback.

"It's a bummer because I'm not home very often to begin with," said Wells, 36, a pro mountain biker for 11 years. "I have a chance to be home and wind up staying with someone else. Or my wife is sleeping in the bedroom and me in an altitude tent.

"Athletes sacrifice."

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