Todd Robertson returns to the podium after serving doping suspension

Todd Robertson of the CVC/FRANCO Racing Team returned to the podium at the 2012 Niwot Criterium just weeks after his 15 month suspension for doping was complete. Todd took 2nd at the 2010 race and he placed 1st in the 2012 Niwot Criterium

Todd taking 2nd at Niwot in 2010.

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Well Said Craig - Thank You!

For those willing to arrive at conclusions about TR by leaning on innuendo and a couple public statements from USADA...I say go learn the up and go ask TR for the facts about his experience with USADA...and then ask TR about putting in the miles...and while you are at it ask Larry about his training, his racing and his willingness to back up his pals...facts are stubborn things.

Really, the USADA is out to get a local master's racer

Also irrefutable, TR accepted the suspension and cooperated with USADA. The USADA agenda??? What possibly could their agenda be, other than going after a guy that they knew was doping!

Once again, people seem to overlook that the guy got caught in an out of competition test! The USADA KNEW he was doping before the test. How did they know? Just maybe because Joe Papp gave him up as a client. Papp said that 75% of his clients were local master's racers. Hmmmmm

Out to get masters

You are correct; USADA would go after anyone that they knew was doping. But when was the last time there local races had random drug checks, or much less out of competition tests? Never. USADA had prior knowledge and busted him out of competition; masters racers are not being targeted, one guy was!
The recent story about the Gran Fondo New york positive tests were an anomoly, the organizers paid for the drug testing themselves!


What other facts are there? So we should go talk to Todd and he will give us "the facts"? Or will he give us his side of the story. There is a difference. Say what you want about Chuck, at least he publically made comments about his situation. I will take that any day verses hiding behind saying "you do not know the facts".

He is an idea, maybe if all these facts are out there, Todd should release a statment. Big Eveil USADA is out to get Todd, just like they want Lance.

You want a fact? Todd was a solid cat 3 tt rider. That was it. Then he started to get a lot better in his late 40's, then he moved up to cat 2, then he started to win 35 plus open races, even hangining on with much smaller climbers, then a pro/1/2 team signed him in his late 40's. Those are facts. I have no idea how he did it and I have no knowledge that he doped. But boy that is an amazing set of facts.