Todd Robertson returns to the podium after serving doping suspension

Todd Robertson of the CVC/FRANCO Racing Team returned to the podium at the 2012 Niwot Criterium just weeks after his 15 month suspension for doping was complete. Todd took 2nd at the 2010 race and he placed 1st in the 2012 Niwot Criterium

Todd taking 2nd at Niwot in 2010.

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Would be nice if Todd

Would be nice if Todd Robertson would pen a similar story of the hows and whys of his doping experience. He apparently doesn't have the same sense of shame that other cheaters have. Or, maybe it's that he has never had a sense of integrity.


The incremental stretch to "obsession" over years. That is a lot of lying. Hard to get my head around it for low level seniors racing. Masters that is understandable....not.

doping is not related to ability nor category

Not sure why people do not understand competition. It does not matter what level or ability you are at, competition begins in the mind and there are some people who will stop at nothing and do anything to win. Quit getting hung up on what cat or whehter or not it is senior vs masters racer. Look at any little league baseball or kids soccer game and you'll know what I mean.

Different Situations

I respectfully disagree, because the stakes are different.

Let’s say you are a Euro guy on a d3 team, you are close to making it, but not there, and you barely finished high school. You are at a point where you are making a poor living, but if you can get to the next step you make big $, if not you eventually go back and work in a factory in Belgium. With that much on the line I can see why a guy in that situation would cheat. It is almost a financial decision and there is a lot to gain for you, your family and your future.

Versus a cat 4 with an altitude tent, HGH, EPO and actually spending money to ride. That guy it is just about their own ego, nothing more or nothing less. There is no financial gain (it actually costs him more $), there is no upside to your future, and sure is not about your family/team.

Those are very different situations to me, with different ramifications, and different motivations.

You still miss the point:

You still miss the point: finance may be it for you or your example but that does not take away the reasons, which seem very good to the cat 4 or who ever, people cheat. They are not able or not willing to work to be able to make it without cheating and winning means more to them than anything.