Todd Robertson returns to the podium after serving doping suspension

Todd Robertson of the CVC/FRANCO Racing Team returned to the podium at the 2012 Niwot Criterium just weeks after his 15 month suspension for doping was complete. Todd took 2nd at the 2010 race and he placed 1st in the 2012 Niwot Criterium

Todd taking 2nd at Niwot in 2010.

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We differ here quite

We differ here quite obviously but I'll clarify a few things. First, I didn't say he wasn't eligible to be racing, I said that any team that accepts him doesn't place much of a value on integrity. Agreed we can all find fault with integrity when we take it to extremes and weigh all things equally; but taking PEDs in secret, over and over and using them in competition is repeated dishonesty. Todd never to my knowledge apologized to the racing community. That would go a long way. Otherwise, I just see him as a pariah even if he's a super nice guy and super strong. I do care if he or others break the PED rule cause that has an effect on our sport even at the local level. That's not a matter of making an excuse either. I didn't even bring up personal performance - that was your assumption, emphasized with your own bravado. I'm plenty happy with how I ride and train, along with my results. They may or may not be considerably better than your own, but that's besides the point of the original discussion.

A statement, or a conversation, from Todd would go a long way

I agree with Adam, Todd doped, her severed his time, he is allowed to race. But I would like to see some public statement by him to the community. He made us all look bad, he made all of our community sponsors wonder a little bit, etc. I am not deep personal friends with Todd, but I talked to him all the time on training rides, at races, in breaks, and was one of the first ones to walk over and congratulate him on as good result that summer, like Niwot or Dead Dog. I do not think Todd stole any results from me, it is just masters bike racing, I really do not care that much. I liked Todd, I found him to be friendly and a nice guy. He does not owe me anything, or the community, but that is his choice. Conversely it would show some level of class if the guy made a statement, said what he was doing, offered an apology, took some responsibility. I think it would go a long way with the community of racers. I see Todd out riding now, he does not even wave, just keep his head down and stares. Kind of a guilty stare. I am not losing any sleep over it, to me it says a lot about a guy who dopes to beat masters riders like myself. I am no ex pro, my body fat is too high, I work too much, I do not train enough, I have kids. My racing/training problems are mine and mine alone, Todd did not cause any of them, with dope or without.

To the credit of the team involved in the NY Grand Fondo doping case they made a statement right away, removed the guy from the team and made it clear he would never be back. I see Todd's buddy Larry back on the same team as Todd. Like Adam said that makes me wonder about the team's integrity and Larry's. Larry benefited from Todd's doping in many races, including the win he got in Niwot. If any guy on my team was caught doping personally I would never ride on the same team as him again. That is just me and other people have every right to see it differently. You are judged by the company you keep.


something like this?:
"Statement from DA

There is no easy way to say this -- I was using ways to improve my performance that were cheating. This was something that I alone did, and I take responsibility for it. My team, coaches and friends had absolutely no knowledge or participation in this.

Two things happened recently that put into prospective just how off the deep end I was. The first was that I tested positive for EPO at the Gran Fondo. A week and a half after that I broke my leg in three places in a racing accident. For the first time in years, I was completely off the bike. These two things gave me the perspective to examine just how insane I was acting. The reality is I became obsessed with racing, and maybe even more, with being a part of something. It took these external forces to literally knock me off the bike and out of the ridiculous place I allowed myself to get into. I don’t say this as an excuse; only to say what was going on.

I’ve really let this community down, and I feel terrible about that. I counted many of you as friends, and you deserved a lot better.

We'll have more soon, I promise that we'll be open and honest. The BH/Comedy Central team apologizes to the community for results unfairly taken, and for not catching this sooner despite the many warning signs that we now recognize in retrospect.

Andy Shen"


I could give a rat's a$$ what the political cycling body does/did to sanction this racer; we are a local community of racers that this guy played games with and used unfair methods to get take the easy road for quick advantages.

keep your head down, no need to wave to me, I am not your friend and never will be however "nice" you are off the bike. I forgive you but don't really want you around anymore. Loads of noncompetitive, healthy solo activities in this area.

I am in 100% agreement with

I am in 100% agreement with you Adam, and 100% disagreement with Anon. He has polluted the sport, and his presence continues to pollute. Just because USADA makes it a 15 month ban changes nothing. I and many others dont want dopers on teams, in races and especially not on podiums. Why is he not so embarrased that he goes and does gran fondos, why does he have to race against others? It is not a level playing field. Races are going to be filled with people who dont want him there because they dont trust him. Why should they have to trust him? Now he's going back to Masters Nationals to deprive some clean racer of a medal or a jersey, just like he did in 2010.

So we are to assume that Todd

So we are to assume that Todd is:

1. Going to race Nationals (guess you can see that from on line reg)
2. Is going to win or medal
3. Is still doping?? Are you joking??

Races are filled with people who don't want him there? I doubt that but do know there are always bound to be a few. I just don't see it as such a number as you are deriving here. I think it is time to let this one go. He is racing, still winning but not always, and none of us can do anything about that. This whole Todd topic has gone way beyond what it should have and we need to all get back to racing and beating him and anyone else you line up against.

Dopers I could care less about. The vile over Todd or the topic of Todd is more sickening to me. This is not a community that we all think if the hatred for a busted rider keeps going and going and going. I choose to race and let the USADA worry about keeping us all clean and on the same level. They seem to be doing a good job.

And for the record, I have spoken to Todd several times now. I personally have no problems with him or him racing. I trust he has his reasons for remaining quiet so to me, that is that. Let's move on!

Did you not realize this site is about local cycling and racing?

Question to you is...How is this not newsworthy? Did you miss the name of the site: 303 Cycling? I personally appreciate the fact that Kris writes about this. It's relevant to anyone who races a bike in Colorado. Even more so to those of us who race against Todd Robertson. Considering there were more than 50 comments on the story about his doping suspension, I would say you are in the minority in your opinion that nobody cares.