Todd Robertson returns to the podium after serving doping suspension

Todd Robertson of the CVC/FRANCO Racing Team returned to the podium at the 2012 Niwot Criterium just weeks after his 15 month suspension for doping was complete. Todd took 2nd at the 2010 race and he placed 1st in the 2012 Niwot Criterium

Todd taking 2nd at Niwot in 2010.

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Most summer crit numbers are down...

Longmont Crit numbers are down 30% over the last few years also. Looking at most races, the Senior Pro-1-2, 3s & 4s are down around 20% to 30% compared to 2 years ago, before the USAC Pro ban. Cost to entry is getting to high? 2 licenses plus chip is probably turning off a number of new racers.

Longmont Crit numbers
2012 - 69 Starters, 46 Finishers
2011 - ?? Starters, 49 Finishers
2010 - 100 Starters, 43 Finishers
2009 - 102 Starters, 71 Finishers


The course was challenging and it's always fun to race through a little town as opposed to a business park.

That said, the low numbers are probably just a reflection of supply>demand. Too many events on the calendar to be sustained by the CO road racing population. IMO the focus should be on sanctioning a smaller number of higher quality events.

Also, shorten the season and spread out the marquee front range events on the calendar. As of next Sunday when the rubber hits the road in the Salida RR, it will have been 10 weeks since the last actual RR in CO. That's 10 weeks of crits and hillclimbs right in the middle of primetime racing season.

My [non-anonymous] self will be passing these suggestions on to my BRAC board members for consideration. If we all did the same maybe they'd be compelled to consider some proactive changes. Otherwise I fear road racing in CO as we have known it is on the path to extinction.

How is this news worthy in

How is this news worthy in general or on your site? Chris you guys can really do better, run this site like a real media outlet and less like a personal blog. Who cares that this A$$ Clown won a 45 plus race? You are part of the "media" that just loves doping stories. To me the guy who crossed the line 2nd won the non-doper race, good for him.

Classic using the bad news to

Classic using the bad news to "sell", that our media loves to do.

I wish you guys would go out and find more interesting stories on people making cycling better in CO. Ester is great and you use her more often. Get her to write a story about the Great Divide race she just won, she wrote an amazing story on her blog. The Map My Ride women's pro team has a disabled rider on their team this year, that is so cool, and they deserve credit for it. Focus on the teams that are giving back. Focus on the charity rides. Write a story about the guys in Ft. Collins using a biek race to raise money for a fire. You guys do not need doping stories to get me to read this site. You are btter than that. You all should report the stories when they occur, I am not asking you to burry doping stories, but no need to glorify cheaters when they come back.

I see this as Good News

See, this is the interesting aspect to this story, I see this as good news. Rider dopes, gets busted, does their time, comes back clean and returns to the podium... Tyler Hamilton did this along with many others in the past. Why is this bad... the original bust was bad news, but their return to success, this time assumed to be clean is good news, right?

Ah Tyler got busted again

Ah Tyler got busted again Chris after he came back. Lance came back too.....

I agree with your point that he got busted, severed his time and came back. But let’s not act like he is David Millar here, who is out spoken about what he did, and takes reosnsibility. Todd has not made a single comment publically about it. He has not said what he was doing or how he was doing it. I have never heard the guy apologizing to the local community for the damage he did. Personally I would respect the guy if he just owned it and laid it out there.

There is a story on twitter about a guy getting busted for EPO at a NY Grand Fondo. I guess that is just where we are in the world. Guys doping to win masters crits and bike tours. Sad.

Master's doper = no integrity

As someone who is now racing against him, I highly resent him even being there. If he were on my team, I would rally the team to reject him being in my team jersey. This can't be good for his team sponsor or potential sponsors, so they are doing them no favors by welcoming him back. Also I would not even consider busting my ass as Larry Marti did to cover all moves and block through the turns (he did a very good job). It takes a very special break of common integrity to get so caught up in masters racing that you dope. I don't think that kind of lapse of judgement and integrity goes away cause he served a suspension. Remember, he didn't get caught for one strange infraction. I could overlook something that could be reasonably explained by something like supplement contamination. A master's doper should not be able to find a team that will welcome him back and he should be riding unattached if racing at all.

It does not matter if you can

It does not matter if you can overlook anything. If USADA is satisfied with his suspension then if you are so high and mighty about what Todd did wrong and want your own brand of justice, then you should reconsider racing altogether. USADA rules over all who compete. It is their rules why Todd was suspended. And it is their rules he is free to race again. You can't have it both ways bro. If you are happy that USADA did their job and caught Todd, then accept that they let him race again. They would not if they felt what he did demanded something more than a 15 month suspension. I respect you have an opinion like everyone but it amazes me at the level of crap the posts on this forum want to throw at Todd. Do you know him? Is he a asshole off the bike? Does it matter? God help us if any of you break a rule, pay the price of the overseeing entity whether it be the law or an organization like USADA, and come back having paid that price. My attitude is and always will be that I simply do not care who does what. It is their burden to live with...not mine. Not anyones but the person who breaks the rules. Quit acting like this guy stole something from you personally. He did not. Quit finding excuses for you lack of performance. I can give a rats ass about Todd and any other dumbass doper. I care about how I can get better by training harder and not making excuses. Get over it already.