Todd Robertson returns to the podium after serving doping suspension

Todd Robertson of the CVC/FRANCO Racing Team returned to the podium at the 2012 Niwot Criterium just weeks after his 15 month suspension for doping was complete. Todd took 2nd at the 2010 race and he placed 1st in the 2012 Niwot Criterium

Todd taking 2nd at Niwot in 2010.

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Bigger news from Niwot...

Only 201 finishers! I'm sure the promoter was glad to have his entry fee money! I remember a few years ago there where 90 riders in the Pro-1-2 field, now 21 only finishers! What happened to the increase in Pros that people were talking about last fall when ACA became USAC/BRAC? Seems the Pro-1-2s, 3s and 4s fields are getting smaller and smaller. Can't say Mt. Evans was the reason, as it only had 19 Pro-1-2 finishers. Ouch!

Niwot Pro-1-2s
2012 - ?? Starters, 21 Finishers
2010 - 47 Starters, 35 Finishers
2009 - 70 Starters, 44 Finishers
2008 - 90 Starters, 42 Finishers


Yep, pretty sad numbers for a classic crit like Niwot but I seriously doubt the 28 people who supposedly switched to another primary discipline are the root cause (and we're assuming this switch is from road to something else).

Evans the day before, check. Cascade with a significant CO presence, esp in the Cat 2 only race, check. Insanely hot weather, check. Scary, sketchy course (at least that's what's been bandied about), check. $45(!) race-day reg, ouch, check.

Heck, if anything, I'd figure the later season crits would be better attended if people were switching to focus on CX as they provide excellent training. This just shows that even at the edge of the Boulder Bubble, there's no guarantee for decent numbers.


Scary, sketchy course?

This is a great crit course! Thank god some promoters take the extra effort to put these downtown races on instead of moving to an office park. IMO courses like Niwot and Prospect are much safer than office park crits. Things get single file and there is much less swarming. If you can handle your bike, these courses are perfectly safe. I did the P 1-2 race and aside from a cat running out into the field, things were perfectly safe.

Personally, 4:30pm on a

Personally, 4:30pm on a Sunday afternoon is a hard sell for me. So I was one who skipped it.

And really, you are starting to get a little obsessive with the doper stories.


Breaking news...Niwot was on

Breaking news...Niwot was on a bad weekend for local P/1/2, huge CO presence at not only Cascade but Tour de Abitibi as well.
Longmont had nearly 70 starters in the p/1/2 field compared to 49 last year. But I am sure in your mind if every race isn't a blockbuster it is just one more reason that the reintegration wasn't a success. We are P/1/2 are what they are because they race against some of the best in the country, not because they stay home everyweekend. Occationally we will seek out big opportunites and I am sure Barry thought about this when he planned his event and that is why P/1/2 raced with 35+ 1/2.