Daily Blotter - Girl wearing headphones in accident and rude cyclist

Two items from the Daily Camera today on cyclists

- Police: Longmont girl hit by car was wearing headphones

- Rude Cyclists I hope this wasn't the Boulder Cruiser Ride

On the evening of May 27, a friend and I were walking west on Mapleton. As we were about to cross 13th Street the hooting and hollering bicycle train was approaching. Even though there was a yield to pedestrian sign, they ignored us.

I looked to see just how many there were. All I could see was what looked like an extremely long train of bicycles, which would have resulted in a long wait. My friend walked out into the street and yelled "we have the right of way" forcing them to stop for us. There was so much noise that we were unable to hear most of their remarks, but what we did hear was offensive.

Also, both my friend and I are pedestrians, frequently we have to dodge bicycles on the sidewalks, or should I say side-rides. We have both experienced close calls trying to walk on walkways meant for walking.

I wish bicyclists would use the numerous trails and lanes especially built for them at no cost to themselves instead of the sidewalks. I wish there were more law enforcement for bicyclists who ignore signs and ride recklessly. But maybe I am asking for too much.

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