Timmy Duggan Returns to his Elementary Alma Mater to Inspire Kids

US National Champion and Olympic Road Racer Timmy Duggan returned to his elementary school in Boulder this week to talk to students about his life as a professional bicycle racer. After reuniting with his own first and fourth grade teachers, Timmy got the chance to have a conversation with two classes of third and fourth graders. The children were filled with excitement and loads of questions for Timmy including:

How much does your bike weigh? about 15 pounds

How much does your bike cost? $7,000

What's the fastest you've ever gone on a bike? 70 mph

Where have you gotten to travel with your bike racing? All over Europe, Asia, Australia and even South America (way more countries than a typical NFL player would travel to with his sport). Timmy also lives part of the year in Spain.

Did you see Michael Phelps at the Olympics? Yes!

Did you have to pay for your own flight to the Olympics? No!

Timmy shared more of his Olympic experience including how awesome it was to stay in the Athlete's Village and to meet athletes not only from all over the world, but also of every possible body shape from tiny gymnasts to huge swimmers and body builders (athletes come in all shapes and sizes). Timmy also explained to the kids the importance of working as a team in cycling and likened it to the offensive and defensive positions in football (his job was to play the defense in the Olympics). One girl in the audience raised her hand and said she was afraid to ride her bike in the street because her dad had once gotten hit by a car. Timmy then shared the importance of wearing a helmet and how a helmet saved his life after a devastating crash in a race a few years ago. Timmy didn't know for nearly a year after whether he would be able to return to bicycle racing. Now after plenty of hard work and perseverance, he is at the top of his sport again. He also related to the kids that he had no idea he would be a professional bicycle racer when he was in elementary school. In fact he was a competitive skier who used cycling as off season training to stay in shape, but then discovered he was a better cyclist than skier. Timmy was kind enough to stick around to take photos with the kids and sign autographs, at which point his former teacher teased him, "Who taught you handwriting?!?". Overall it was a wonderful and inspiring visit. What an excellent role model Timmy Duggan is to his community!

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