Coffee Talk Tuesday - Is Trust being Restored in Pro Cycling?

The Tour of Italy is going on now (I think) and the Tour of California just finished, the show is continuing but how are you as a spectator these days? I gave up years ago with especially with the aid of a local pro that coffin has nearly been nailed shut. But is it time to give pro cycling "another chance"? I don't expect the field to be 100% clean but is it clean enough that we as spectators can return our trust in them? After hearing that Tejay won the ToC it makes me want to believe again that the good guy can succeed again in the sport. I know in the end the pro show is just entertainment and I should just accept it as that but something inside me always is longing to believe in the human spirit. Can we believe again in pro cycling or is it simply just entertainment and accept it for what it is?

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I almost gave up, but I came back

"The higher you climb, the further you fall", "The harder you fall, the higher you bounce". Even though I never believed that the sport was clean, and even though I am not sure all involved fell hard enough, I have noticed that I no longer peer at my computer screen watching the Giro and comment "doper" constantly. I do know that I can attend the Tour of California and not let the question of doping run through my mind (a big change from even recent years). I do know I believe Jens Voigt when he says that Tejay van Garderen and his next generation should not be blamed for his generation. I do realize I might never place pro cycling quite so high again, or stand under it in case it falls, but I honestly enjoy watching online and going to the races - for pure fun and love of the bike and the bike race.

The big one day races -

The big one day races - spring classics, world championships, and smaller stage races can be won clean (not saying they always are). I watch and enjoy those races.

The grand tours encourage cheating too much because they are too long. They are also very boring lately. I spent more time watching Paris Robaix this year than I will for all of the grand tours combined.

I still follow pro cycling,

I still follow pro cycling, just less enthusiastically and more skeptically. I've got better things to do, like train!

I would caution against looking back at any period of time as some "golden age" without doping. In the 60s Jacque Anquetil scoffed at the idea that you could win the Tour clean, and he refused to take drug tests.