Three Great Cycling Books to Read this Winter

Writing reviews on products I really like is a daunting task. I've been putting off doing some books reviews for a long time so instead of me continuing to wait to make that perfect review I'm just going to post them up and give you my 2 cents. Each of these 3 books is amazing and each in a very different way. I'll start with my favorite hands down and that is The Art of Cycling by Robert Hurst.

The Art of Cycling by Robert Hurst
This is the manual on how to ride a bike. No not how to balance, signal or even more advanced focus on good pedaling RPM, this book tells you how to ride your bike in a shared infrastructure with other users. Below is a snippet from his book

Many newbies, embarking on their first commutes, simply attempt to follow the same exact routes they've been driving in their cars every day. This is ill-advisted.... Riders who attempt this are often so frazzled by the experience that they never look at their bikes again.

SO TRUE! If I had money pouring out of me I'd give this book to every cyclists in Boulder/Denver who buys a bike. Required reading. So much useless rider/bike/government conflict could be avoided by knowing the knowledge that is in this book.
Buy Art of Cycling

Bike Snob
I was very surprised I liked this book as I cannot stand his blog. On his blog he is extremely winded and could easily get his point across by using a fraction of the words he does, therefore I rarely read it because time/value ratio is not there. HOWEVER his book is great! It's fun, light, and a quick read (unlike his blog). This guy is funny and bashes many stereotypes of riders out there. In short this is a good book to read if you want a good laugh. We also covered his Book Signing in Boulder when he came to town last year. Looking for a general gift to give that cyclists this Christmas then this book would be a good buy.

Go Ride - A master's view of cyclocross and life
Long time Colorado master rider Lee Waldman documents his life and love for riding (mostly cross) over 30-ish years in his book Go Ride. The passion the rider has is very refreshing as this guy lives and breathes cycling. He's no Cat 1 super star but has had his share of podium finishes and some extremely painful defeats after so much work. But what makes this book really amazing and insightful, Lee's age, he's in his 60's! You won't learn any new techniques or recipes and anything but IMO you will (or should) get motivated by reading this. He's not just still riding in his 60's he is still as much or more dedicated to success on the bike as any 20-ish year old. After reading this I plan on turning next year back into a competitive year for myself, as the last two I've just been riding courses and acting as pack fodder. Thanks Lee! Go Buy this Book

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