How many times has your helmet saved you?

9 Stitches

That is all my son needed last night in the ER to sew his chin back together after he took a spill off of a neighbors ramp with his bike. I saw the crash, it was hard! He went over the jump landed and turned his bars, BANG, down he went falling on his side and hitting his head on the pavement. There was blood everywhere. Took him to the ER, and one of the first questions they asked is if he lost consciousness and was he wearing a helmet, and the answer was no and yes. The nurse told me had he not been wearing his helmet they would have to perform a ton of tests on him. Without his helmet it could have been worse… I saw him hit the payment.

This is not the first time the lid saved him and that is one more than how often a helmet has saved me… what about you?

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