Tour de Cure (The Ride of Your Life)

August 17th, 2013

The phrase "Charity Ride" often conjures up the following; great cause, but easy course, pretty sedate atmosphere, ill-fitting participation t-shirts, etc. The only part of this that applies to the 2013 Tour de Cure is the "Great Cause" part. From there, it's like no charity ride you've ever done. When you ride in Tour de Cure, you take part in something unique. You join the ranks of some of the most passionate people in the country people who care about cycling, health and, above all, finding a cure for diabetes. The 2013 Colorado Tour has it all, from the spectacular Flatirons to Carter Lake and Estes Park. They also have ride lengths for any type of rider, from avid cyclists to families.

  • 20K Course (13.5 miles): This safe, family-friendly ride travels around the scenic green space trails around Longmont. Perfect for the occasional cyclist and for children.
  • 50K Course (31 miles): This course adds a bit more challenge, and is perfect for the rider participating in his/her first organized ride
  • 100K Course (62 miles): For athletes looking for a ride with some adventure, this course is a perfect opportunity. This route heads up towards Loveland and brings our riders through some of the most beautiful country roads in the area! This deceivingly challenging route features rolling hills throughout the entire course. 
  • 100-Mile Course: This daring course is only for those ready for a grand challenge. Ride north towards Loveland, then through an elevation gain of 3500 feet to beautiful Estes Park through Glen Haven. We’ve changed the start/finish, but have preserved the most loved aspects of our 75-mile ride of years past – the beautiful ride through Big Thompson Canyon, the ever-so challenging switchback of Devil’s Gulch road, and the amazing scenery once you make it to the top! This ride is for those bold enough to take on a fantastic challenge in the name of combating diabetes.


Read what George Thomas of Over the Top Productions had to say about his first time riding the Tour de Cure Century course in 2012:

"I hadn't done a tour in 20 years, aside from the Venus de Miles.  My thought was always "I live in a great place.  Why spend money on a ride that's just for fun when I could do something like this for free here any time?"

Unfortunately, I think that's a common train of thought for a lot of racers and avid cyclists here in Colorado.  But what I came to realize while riding last year's Tour de Cure, was that it was MORE than just a ride.  It was an experience.  I was blown away at the scenery, the route, all of it. It was pleasantly challenging! In fact, while I was riding one particular section on Devil's Gulch road, a guy in front of me got off to walk and then tried remounting on the steepest part of the climb and toppled over.  Yes, that made it appear pretty darn steep from a ways back.  Wasn't as bad as it looked but - it sure looked intimidating! But more than the route, there were the people.  I will be doing it again this year.  I love being the rolling reporter.  Getting people's stories while on the road.  Talking to the "Red Riders" to get a sense of how lives are affected and how people fight. Not to mention that the atmosphere at the end was amazing.  I would urge people NOT to overlook this ride.  There is truly something for everyone." 
-George Thomas

This year's Tour will be more fun than ever, all in the name of a fantastic cause. Great sponsors, amazing courses, and truly wonderful people. Tour de Cure is more than just a cycling event. It's a life-changing event. A day full of fun and excitement where riders of all levels join forces in the fight to Stop Diabetes and raise critical funds for diabetes research, education and advocacy in support of the American Diabetes Association. So take the Ride of Your Life and sign up today!

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