The Pros Closet - Bigger than you think

Owners Nick (left) and Pete pose in their "lobby"

Seven years ago, while living in a Volkswagen Van and training to make it as a professional mountain bike racer, Nick Martin planted a seed. A seed that today
has grown into the world’s largest online used bike store. Nick combined his deep knowledge of auction science with his industry contacts and started down a path that has expanded beyond the simple life inside that old Volkswagen Van. While Nick was successfully selling for his mountain bike peers he met Pro Roadie, Pete Lopinto. Pete and Nick combined forces and brought their road and mountain bike contacts together to form The Pros Closet. Within a week Nick’s one bedroom Boulder apartment has filled with teammates old kits and used parts. At that point they knew this was a business model that was going to work.

The Pros Closet is a bike shop unlike any you have seen before. Their knowledge of auction science and eBay’s market place has allowed them to turn over 60% of their inventory every 7 days. By opening your auctions up to a worldwide marketplace and using their proven auction strategies, they can put more money in your pocket than you can selling your own gear. Their deep inventory comes from bike shops, companies, professional athletes, industry reps, and riders like you.

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How they operate

Here is how they work.

  • STEP 1: Bring in the contents of your garage and dresser drawers
  • STEP 2: Watch the action. Once your item(s) are listed, they e-mail you a link to
    your online account so you can view the action as your auctions unfold. They also
    assign account manager to your account to answer any questions you may have
    throughout the process.
  • STEP 3: Get Paid: After your auction ends, the collect payment and professionally
    ship your item(s) to the winning bidder

60% of this will be gone in 7 days!

They can also make you an offer on the spot, walking out of their door with a fist full of cash and a cleaner garage.

The Pros Closet has thrived in a struggling economy. Customers have been shying away from retail and taking the time to find better deals on line. Not only has this increased traffic has allowed The Pros Closet to get top dollar for their inventory but their inventory has grown as their clients are looking to free up capital by selling their old gear.

This success has not gone unnoticed. Spin off businesses like The Gear Movement and Boulder Sports Recycler have been popping up. With all these re-sellers in Boulder it makes me wonder why anyone like myself would sit on their old stuff and not try to sell it. You don’t have to lift a finger and they will put top dollar in your pocket.

This store is for me!

I gave craigslist a try once and found it to be time consuming and not worth my while. I have a family, a job, this news site and training so I don't have time for the hassle and detail that goes into selling online. I practically would give my stuff away to friends because I did not have the time or energy it takes to "deal with it". Follow my lead and fill up a couple boxes, swing by The Pros Closet’s warehouse and get a tour of what has become Boulder’s most unique bike shop.

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Boulder Sports Recycler

Boulder Sports Recycler may have "been around for 20 years" and be the oldest business in this industry in Boulder, but dealing with their employees as a client is far from enjoyable. Their customer service is at the least infuriating and at most downright nonexistent. I am not someone who usually either needs or wants much help in a retail environment. But even if you come in with a laid back attitude and the willingness and knowledge to "do for yourself", the service at this place is abhorrent.
Meanwhile, the Pros Closet is friendly, professional, and actually fun to do business with.

Boulde Sports Recycler

The fact that they hang a sign that says "No Cell Phones" should tell you right there. Now even Subway will ask you not to converse will in the check out line but c'mon, get real. There are a few nice folks (the lady has always been nice and friendly when I've been there) but a few bitter ones too enough to leave a sour taste. I dont much care, I just get in, get out, and nobody gets hurt.

Sports Recycler

I like to pop in too the Sports Recycler from time to time just to check out some used gear. I agree that the experience is uncomfortable. Almost of feeling they are annoyed you are there touching stuff. I am always treated like I don't know anything about anything. My girlfriend had the same experience. And yes the lady was really nice.


Our commission is 25% of the initial $400 and then 10% of the remaining amount. Swing by and we can give you a break down of what you will walk with on your items.

Thank you for your interest


They are only telling you

They are only telling you half the story. You pay them their fee, then you pay them the ebay fee and then you get to pay the paypal fee as well. I am not saying it is a scam and I use them all the time myself. I am just saying the way the fees are presented above is a gross understatement of what it will cost you. They are only quoting you the fees they charge you, not all the other fees you will pay. On smaller items I have had the total fees come to over 50% of what the item sold for. However I will also add that on item over $1,000 the % gets much lower and easier to take.

One question I have for these guys, are they making money of the ebay fees and paypal fees? Or are they just passed on to the customer without any mark up? I have no idea and just wondered.


These fees should really be disclosed more openly. I tried to figure out why my wheels got sold for 350 and I only got 225. Hmmm not 25% as I was told. Be a little more up-front with details. Repeat customers are your bread and butter.