The Olympic Story of Bronze Medalist, Georgia Gould

Hear pretty much start to finish how Georgia Gould prepared for the Olympics, raced and and how she celebrated it. Wonderful read from Your Group Ride!

Snippet from Your Group Ride

The gun went off and the crowd ROARED. The start was fast and the right side was NOT. Everyone was amped up and riding like crazy, and I narrowly avoided some craziness during the 1 minute start loop. We headed into the first rock drop where women were lined up for all 3 of the line options, and a course marshall was holding up a yellow flag signaling that there had been a crash. I saw an opening on the A-line, and dropped into it, just missing the woman who had crashed and was picking up her bike. It was mayhem. We hit the next technical spot and things balled up again as women lined up to ride over the rock slowly in single file. I was back in the twenties, and my hopes faded as I watched the pack in front of me string out to go through the technical sections.

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